The 10 Best Houseplants to Decorate Your Bathroom

It is not possible for all plants to thrive in a bathroom, but selecting the right one can make the bathroom more pleasant and welcoming to users. Certain kinds of plants can thrive in this type of humidity.

However, your bathroom is a great place with lots of plants and having a plant-filled washroom can feel like taking an exotic vacation within the comforts of your home. Even even if you're not an expert gardener, these are some of the most simple and low-maintenance plants that can be placed in your bathroom.

1. Philodendron

It is an attractive plant that can be used in any area of the home, but will look particularly natural and rustic in bathrooms. The tropical plants can be grown with trailing stems or vines that can reach 20 feet long. Others grow in a more upright style, and both are simple to grow. Leaves can fall off if over-watered or not enough much. Place them in a sunny space. Too much shade can cause your stems to become spindly.