We Tried Every Cold Brew at Trader Joe's & Had One Absolute Favorite

It hunted its caffeine-addicted brethren when it first made an appearance in the year 2015, analyzing their movements and behaviors to determine precisely what coffee lovers would like in a caffeine-infused beverage. Cold brew quickly climbed to the forefront two years later, and was the drink of choice for early mornings (and midafternoon slumps).

They're everywhere in coffee shops, supermarkets -- even McDonald's offers them. It's not without reason. Because they're steeped for longer (usually anywhere between 12 and 24 hours) The taste is more intense, however they go down smoother than espresso with ice.

Starbucks also got on board with the trend fast. After adding cold brew drinks to the menu just a few years ago they've been enhancing its offerings, making new and more refined versions of the caffeinated drink every chance they could. And clearly, it's paying off. Sales increased by 20 percent following the introduction of cold-brew coffee into their stores They also added cold brew in taps to upward of 1,400 stores in 2017 according to Bloomberg.

Therefore, it's not surprising that cold brew options these days seem to be limitless. And one of the grocery stores that has been increasing the number of cold brew products? The Trader Joe's.

To you, dear readers, I embarked on a crucial mission: to buy and test every product within five days. I'll say that it's been a full week. Disclosure: I cut down my intake of caffeine by half prior to taking my first sip of cold brew. My daily consumption was reduced to one cup (sometimes even less) each day and there was no coffee on weekends. I can safely say that I'm a bit jittery right now as I type these words. Also important to note prior to getting into the list is that I make sure to have my coffee blackwithout sugar, no cream absolutely nothing.

However, these are the best, ranked from "meh it's fine, keep it" to "if you don't try this cold beverage, you're a damn fool."

French Vanilla Cold Brew Coffee

I tried this cold brew in a can after drinking its black counterpart (we'll get to the review for that one a little later) It is a good balance of that bitter black taste of cold brew we've all come to recognize and enjoy, and an incredibly sweet French vanilla finish however, the fact that it contained milk sent me to the bathroom almost immediately after taking several sips. (Hey, I'm half-Asian. Milk doesn't agree with me.)