14 Amazing Wedding Dress Colors that Make a Statement

What's the very first image that pops into your the forefront when you hear "wedding dress"? It's likely something white. Most of us grew up thinking that the only choice for a wedding dress was white, or maybe off white. This is the standard choice. In the present, more brides choose their wedding dresses according to what appeals to them, not the traditional wedding dress should appear like. We've become used to cuts that are less conventional for wedding dresses, and you seldom see those big poofy ones. It's all about complimenting the body shape and choosing the stylet that suits you rather than the traditional shape. The lengths are changing too and now you can find long trains, fish tails as well as cute short wedding dresses. So why not try playing with color too?

1. Blue

What's the rule? Something borrowed, something old and blue. Why not make your wedding dress blue instead? Wedding dresses that are blue look ephemeral and unusual, very Cinderella like, but without being overly trendy in terms of the colour.