These cool, Smithsonian-approved Stem Toys incorporate learning into Playtime

We're aware of how desperately you want your kids to get off their screens -- and how difficult it can be. We're always looking for exciting alternatives that can help children get off of their screens. We're especially attracted to STEM toys now that school has started. There are many companies that offer amazing toys relating to science, technology and engineering. However, like when conducting research, we prefer to look to a reliable source to locate the top. Enter: The Smithsonian Institution. The Smithsonian comprises 21 galleries and museums and nine research centers and the National Zoological park -- has been a longstanding champion of STEM, history, art and culture. Its aim is to "increase and diffuse knowledge between men "...and kids! The Smithsonian has exhibits that are specifically designed for children, and this shop has the most innovative STEM tools to help kids to continue their education at home. The educational elements aren't only legit but are as well entertaining and enjoyable. These exciting, engaging equipment and toys will keep your kids away from screens and learning.

Find out our favorite toys below! The Smithsonian profits, as well as all purchases made on the site (such the games with a vintage theme we enjoy! ) help support the Smithsonian Institution.

Smithsonian Rocket Kit

This kit is a classic. For only 20 dollars, kids can send their craft as high as 50 feet into the air time and again. All they require to launch their rocket is vinegar and baking soda (not included).