13 Celebrities who Have Been Real About Going Through Perimenopause and Menopausal

Menopause. Every woman, including those who were born female (AFAB) will eventually experience menopause. Yet, this period of life is still shrouded in stigma and mystery. Menopausal stigma is slowly fading, thanks to celebrities and public figures sharing their stories.

Mayo Clinic defines the menopause as the termination of the cycle of menstrual flow for a woman. Menopausal symptoms are usually identified after a period-free period of 12 months. Menopausal symptoms may begin in your 40s, or perhaps 50s. But the typical age of menopause in the United States today is 51. Menopausal symptoms can be accompanied by uncomfortable symptoms. They include hot flashes, vaginal dryness and sleep problems. Certain women opt for hormone therapy (HT) to lessen the severity of symptoms.

It's important to remember: Menopause is something that impacts everyone who has Ovaries. Menopausal issues shouldn't be a taboo topic as it is a regular phenomenon for women as well as AFABs, it's been largely ignored and unstudied. Discussions about openly discussing reproductive health have become more frequent. This has led to increasing numbers of women expressing their experiences with menopause and advocating for better care.