Beautiful Jewelry that preserves the Beauty Of Nature

Jewelry has been around for a long time. Based on the way you look at it you might even think that in the earlier days the wearing of animals' teeth hung on a string around your neck counts as jewelry. Then, people moved to gorgeous stones, metals and precious stones. While silver, gold, and diamonds are beautiful by themselves, they must still be transformed into stunning jewelry. Nature, however, is perfect right from the beginning. There's a reason we like the presence of plants, and why we gift each other bouquets of flowers and when we put flowers on our hair. They're beautiful. Why not turn them into jewellery? There's a small business that does exactly that. The couple collect flowers and leaves when they go for walks with their dog. They then press them into books, and then make stunning jewelry. About 2 weeks is needed for drying out a flower or plant. After that they cover them in three layers of resin that each takes 24 hours to dry. The result is stunning. It's an incredibly beautiful slow and meditative process. If you'd like to keep a piece from nature as a necklace or rings, we strongly suggest you visit their Etsy store and their Instagram account.

1. Wildflowers and ferns Terrarium Necklace

A simple yet elegant choice for a necklace. Who wouldn't want this charming accessory to go with an elegant spring dress?